Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention, Stress Management

Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, & Conflict Resolution in the New Millennium Can be facilitated at your location upon request. If you are interested in this class, please complete and send the form to the right, and we will contact you. 

Register for Two Day Active Shooter, Fort Lauderdale, 12/9-10/2013Dr. Robert J. Cipriano Jr.

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Overview:   This class is designed to heighten awareness and provide viable coping skills surrounding the psychological, physical, and behavioral effects from stress for law enforcement personnel.  Law enforcement suicide prevention and intervention will be covered in this class.  Without healthy resolution, the work environment can be affected, low morale and poor productivity can also occur.  Following the completion of this class, law enforcement personnel will potentially acquire: new insight into the origins of anxiety and stress, evaluate healthy versus unhealthy coping patterns to such a process, consider how “core beliefs” affect those whom may experience such negative effects from stress, acquire a comprehensive model for law enforcement suicide prevention and intervention, and leave with tools to potentially mitigate such effects.

This seminar will not only educate others, but provide the necessary insight into what some individuals and families experience, will penetrate the Stigma dynamic, and will assist others in “normalizing” such behavioral and psychological reactions that such individuals and families endure.

Event Contacts:

Class Content: Dr. Robert Cipriano, 305-528-7309 or email at

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Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention, Stress Management, & Conflict Resolution in the New Millennium

Class Outline:  Suicide Prevention/Intervention, Managing Stress, & Cultural Sensitivity for Law Enforcement Personnel in the 21st Century

  • What is Anxiety
  • Recovery from Anxiety Responses
  • Post-Traumatic Stress – Signs and Symptoms

Signs from Stress

  • Physiological Signs & Effects from Stress
  • Fight or Flight Response
  • Psychological Effects from Stress
  • Behavioral Effects from Stress
  • Benefits of Relaxation and Self Talk
  • Mistaken Beliefs
  • Stress Symptom Checklist

Law Enforcement Suicide

  • Prevention/Intervention
  • Suicidal Behavior Along a Continuum
  • Suicide Threat Assessment

Law Enforcement Suicide

  • Assessing Suicidal Level of Intent
  • Assessing Suicide Potentiality
  • Actions to Avoid In Suicide Intervention
  • Suicide Intervention Steps

Conflict Resolution

  • Operational Definitions of Conflict
  • Skills to Reduce Conflict
  • Enhancing Listening Skills
  • Bad Listener/Good Listener


Certificate Presentation


Dr. Robert J. Cipriano Jr. Dr. Robert J. Cipriano Jr. is a Florida Licensed Psychologist and has been working within the behavioral health sciences for the past 21 years.  He has been licensed as a psychologist for the past 11 years and has worked within the correctional, law enforcement, juvenile justice, and state & community mental health arenas within that time frame.  He has trained numerous public safety professionals within the domains of trauma and violence.  He has worked for one of the largest police departments within the southeastern United States after approximately a decade of service and brings with him a solid background in: crisis negotiations, police psychology (both as a consultant and operational psychologist), and behavioral health for public safety and military personnel.

Event Contacts:

Class Content: Dr. Robert Cipriano, at


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Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention, Stress Management


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